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We had such a fun time getting tipsy and drinking delicious wine together, then we took the train home, watched a movie on our laptop, and had a nice dinner together.

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It was such a shock because I never even thought about wineries being open during the colder months, but many are!Meghan was snapped here at an ELLE event last year in her single days, but she no doubt set hearts alight wearing this fab dress.The beau of Prince Harry looked stunning in a brocade red dress by Dolce & Gabbana - a version of a dress sent down the fall 2015 runway.In the gift guide published last year Meghan says she’s a ‘sucker for Valentine’s Day’ and wakes up every February 14 ‘waiting with bated breath to be dipped into a kiss’.After that, Harry should serve her breakfast in bed on a tray embossed with the words ‘All my love’ and give her a single flower and a romantic hand-written note according to the guide.

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