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However, this humour can be understood only by the person who knows Russian history and morals, perhaps that’s why “12 chairs” and other brilliant humorous books are unknown for the western people.

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Also, such classical humorous authors as Mark Twain and Wodehouse enjoy wide popularity. If you call her by name all the time, she’ll feel that your relationship is developing.

Usually, relatives and friends are also invited for the ceremony.

The wedding outing comes after registration, it includes making beautiful pictures and a video. Please, remember to be very careful on the banquet According to the tradition, your friends will try to steal the bride’s shoe. Russian brides know that marriage demands flexibility.

I wish to sing of a Russian pancake, the yellow Sun on a frying pan! Russian cuisine has always been the integral part of Russian life.

If you’re dreaming of dating Russian ladies, you should remember about the role of national cuisine in life of the Russians.

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