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They suggestcd, however, that the prcface to each work should contain, in addition to the particulars proposed by the Master of the Rolls, a biographical account of the author, so far as authentic materials cxistcd for that purpose, and an estimatc of his liistorical credibility and value. CHmoyi CA Edwyni Regis filii Edmundi Regis sur EADicri • 166 ( 1. Privilegium Edwyy Kcgis de Byktunc, anno ul- timo rcgni sui ..... Ch RONICA Sa NCTI Ed WARDI Re GIS ET Ma RTTRIS, FILII Ed- OARi Reois - - - - - - 206 CHAPTER XXI. Charta de Manyngforde ; ex dono Etheldredi Regis, videlicet anno regni sui nono - - 231 [Boundaries of the lands so granted in Anglo- Saxon, Middle English, and Latin] - - 232 § 5. Grant, in reversion, of Stoneham, by Alfred, servant of King Athelstan, to New Minster - 342 XV. Grant to New Minster by Ethelnoth, a priest, of lands at Basing, in Hampshire ; after A.

174 [Boandaries of the landi) bo granted in Anglo- Saxon, Middle Engli Bh, aiid Latin] - - 175 TABLE OF CONTENTS. Pago Chronica incliti Begis Edoabi, filii Edmundi superioris Regis - - - - - - - 179 § 1. Chronica Eteeldredi Reois, filii Edgari Regis, et fratris Sancti Edwardi Regis et Martyris - - - 209 § 1. Testamentum Athelwoldi viri Dei [in Anglo- Saxon, Middle English, and Latin] - - 236 § 6. Boundaries of Stoneham, in Hampshire, granted by King Athelstan to his servant Alfred ; A. The Will of Mlhige, a bishop, containing be- quests to New Minster . Boundaries of Pewsey, in Wiltshire, granted to New Minster by King Edmund the Elder ; A.

Charta de Heantun - - - - 238 [Boundaries of Heaton, or Hinton, in Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, and Latin] - - - 239 X TA6LE OF CONTENTS.

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employed by him, of their age and their pecu Karities; that he should add to the work a brief account of the life and times of tho author, and any remarks necessary to explain the chronology; but no other note or comment was to be allowed, cxcept what might be nccessary to establish the correctncss of the text. Donatio villa B de Pevesey, conoessa a Bege Ed- mundo, fratre Begis Athelstani, Novo Monas* terio Wyntoniaa - - - • - 138 [Boondaries of the lands so granted in Anglo- Saxon, Middle Englishf and Latin] - - 139 Vlll TABLE UF CONTENTS. Traditio viginti hydarumdc Chy8eldeue.~(*»*J»/a irad Uw deberet acrihi in ienipore Retjx H Aihc U 9iani, 9ed yroider omx49ionem hic in Mer Uur) - 147 CHAPTEE XVII. Tcstamcntum Edrodi Kcgis, in lingua Latina - 158 ( 5. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Boundaries of land at Hcaton, granted to Ethelgar, archbighop of Canterbury, hy King Ethelred, A. Of the land of the same manor, Alsi, the son of Bkixi, Iiolds a manor called Woodman- Woi Klmancotc of the Abbey. ' King Edward's time it was, as now, assessed at five H^dre^ hides. Four villeins and nine cottagers have two plonghlands. There is a church ; thirteen serfs ; two mills, which yield thirty * Wo BTi NG Parish has an area of 1,189 acres. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. [Dcscent, education, and carly history of Alfred J i^. Kpi Htula Folcouis, Khemen Kis archiepiscopi ac Krancorum primatifl, ct Apostolica) Sedis legati nati, ad Christiauissimum rcgem Anglorum Alfredum - - - - - - 01 § []. [Alfred'B encouragcmcnt of leaming,— Hi M con» flicts with the Dunes. In King Edward 8 time, it wiis, as now, assessed at six hides and two and a half yarf | Dissolutioo. It is now assessed at eighty- three hides and half a yardland. Here are seven hides, (Michel- but they are not assessed. Throughout the Hampsliire portion of this Appendix, I anwmuch in- debted to the valuable labours on Domesday Survey of Mr. In King Edward^s time it was assessed at ll^^dred-^ a hundred and six hides. Elsewhere, Alsi holds a hide of the demesne lands of this manor ; and there are there four villeins, who pay seven shillings.^ The same Abbey holds Ordei [Abbofa Worthy\^ and Abbot'» it always belonged to the Abbey.

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