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Further still, we are To determine the origin of something, we must refer to eye-witness accounts (aka historical evidence) because science is limited on what it can determine.Likewise, evolutionists that rely on carbon dating must the C14 can come from no other source except the one burning on the table in front of them.Let's say you and I were building framework for a house, but our tape measures were using two different standards for an inch.We wouldn't be able to complete the project because nothing would fit together properly.Perhaps we can put together the melted wax and find out tall the candle was before it was lit?

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This already creates a serious problem because all measuring tools require a constant with which to measure anything.

0.00003825%), then that object has been dead for about 5700 years.

If you find only 1/4th of the C14 in the object, it would have been through 2 half-lifes, and would be approximately 11,400 years old, and so on; however, there are many serious problems with this that are almost Let's say you were going to find a consistent number of grasshoppers in the world -- how would you begin?

To demonstrate this concept more simplistically, let's scientifically analyze a candle and ask a few questions.

Let's imagine we walk into a room, a candle is burning on a table, we measure the candle, and find the candle is six inches tall. Not without how tall it was and if it has always burned at the same rate.

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