Poems about dating

It consists almost entirely of poetry; just a few pieces are in prose, included in the database because they shed light on his writing.

The corpus contains a few poems dating from as early as 1945, but the vast majority were written between 19.

Many university students were also present, testifying to the way the story of John Bradburne holds an appeal for young people.

In accessing these web pages, you agree that you may only use or download the content for your own personal non-commercial use.Eventually, we met Kevin once again: a professional cabaret musician now, widely known by his professional name of Casey Jones.Kevin would call in to the house, from time to time, to renew his memories of his old family home, and one day he brought out of his pocket an airmail letter, and asked me ‘Have you ever seen anything like this?Some time later, he was in the area again, but went down with a bout of malaria, and was looked after by - John Bradburne.They had a shared interest in music, and after Kevin left Africa they corresponded a few times.

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