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It may start off as an emotional release, but it would eventually come in your way of marital bliss.[Read: 18 signs you’re having an emotional affair already and don’t even know it! There are a few relationships where the partners have no complaints about each other at all, because they completely understand each other and their individual points of view, and get along perfectly. [Read: 12 real signs of true love in a relationship] So if a marriage or a romance is so easy to read, why is it that so many of us are surprised and even shocked when our relationship falls apart one eventful day, *out of the blue*? And if both of you are unhappy in the marriage, you’d know it too!And each time one or both lovers choose to ignore the signs and avoid communicating what each of them really feel, the relationship is only bound to get closer to the end.You may be able to point to a particular circumstance that lead to the loveless romance, but almost always, the particular circumstance isn’t the real reason. In reality, all the other reasons led you to the unhappiness.

And even worse, at times, you may convince yourself that all relationships are doomed to mediocrity and self-satisfaction.If you have a crush on someone else or consider some person to be physically attractive, you shouldn’t have difficulty talking about it with your partner if you’re in a secure and happy marriage.Hiding this secret interest, on the other hand, could leave you annoyed because you’d feel guilty and at the same time, feel more distant from your spouse.If you’re experiencing this grand state of telepathy in your marriage, that’s awesome!But if you’re in a marriage where you do find faults with your husband or wife, and yet, choose not to talk about it with them because it’s just not worth the effort, that’s just not good.

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    Talking about his childhood, Skarsgard has said: ‘The doors were always open. His love of the Yorkshire team stems from the six months he spent studying English at Leeds Metropolitan University.