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But this journey is going to take you from the depths of despair, where you think you are now, to the best and strongest version of yourself.Plus, you will have gained the power of clarity and wisdom for your next successful long-term relationship.Vårt hovedmål har derimot hele tiden vært å levere "Kvalitet foran kvantitet".Vi ønsker å gi våre kunder de beste mulig tjenester til den beste mulige pris.Laughing with friends and family that love and uplift you or stacking up the comedies on your Netflix account are the best ways to stay present and light within yourself.

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The amount of sleep you get or the quantity of food you eat is not the question here, it’s all about consistency.

If you’ve ever found yourself typing “how to get over a breakup” into an Internet search bar, you’ll know you’re not alone.

There are hundreds and hundreds of people out there who are also searching for “ways to get back with my ex”, “does he still love me? ” If you’re cringing in recognition, don’t feel ashamed: we all do it.

Let thoughts of your ex float in and don't get attached to them.

Simply observe that they are occurring and let yourself feel what you’re feeling.

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