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I was an art history major at NYU and was exploring different options in that field, but while I was working in galleries during the day, I was either designing and editing academic journals and literary magazines as part of my extracurriculars at NYU or doing freelance editing work by night.

At the Guggenheim I gained In Design experience, wrote marketing copy, and was able to work on their catalog digitization project.Another way to get started is to take the initiative to ask about freelancing possibilities.Most importantly, work hard (no matter the task) and be collegial.Prior to working at The Met, Rachel freelanced at the Solomon R. from New York University and is currently pursuing a M. What was your first exposure to book business and what were the most important things you gained from it?Guggenheim Museum where she started her museum publishing career as an intern. I fell in love with the book business through two formative internships, at Folio Literary Management and the Solomon R. Folio was my first introduction to working with books in general and the Guggenheim was my first exposure to working on art books.

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