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He is a traditionalist, just one who is open to learning the opinions of modern scholars and then jiving them up with our sources where needed.ADDe Rabbi, please correct me if I'm incorrect in that assessment.He has edited or co-edited 14 books, including From Within the Tent: Essays by the Rabbis and Professors of Yeshiva University on the Festival Prayers, Torah and Western Thought: Intellectual Portraits of Orthodoxy and Modernity and Books of the People: Revisiting Classic Works of Jewish Thought. Halpern received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in Psychology in Education from Teachers College at Columbia University, an MA in Bible from Revel, an MBA in Nonprofit Management from Touro University, and an Ed D from the Azrieli Graduate School of Education and Administration.He has lectured in synagogues, Hillels and adult Jewish educational settings across the U. Sample Titles Angels and Demons: The Akedah, the Exodus, and a Pre-Rabbinic Midrash Az Yashir and the Creation Stories of Israel’s Ancient Neighbors Passover Polemics – Judaism, Christianity, and the Fight over the Seder Groundhog Day, Megillat Ruth, and Nighttime Seduction Scenes in Tanakh The Lion, the Pit and the Wardrobe: Daniel, Joseph, Esther and the Struggles of Being a Diaspora Jew Ve-nahafoch-Who?The alternative, suggested by Don Isaac Abarbanel, is that the books of "prophets" were those who were given prophecy to convey to the people at that moment, for some purpose.Daniel was an "armchair prophet" (to quote Leiman); while he had visions, he was never ordered to convey them.Personally, Ezekiel, like Daniel, never returned to the Land of Israel.

He provides strategic support to the President, develops and coordinates high-priority initiatives, and serves as the primary liaison between the President and University stakeholders. Halpern has served in various capacities, including in the Office of Student Life, Academic Advising, The Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought, The Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies, YU Press, and as a professor of Bible.

In reference to such holy spirit, David says:" The spirit of the Lord spoke in me, and his word is on my tongue" (2 Sam. 2): i.e., the spirit of the Lord caused him to utter these words...

This is different from the type of prophecy that the Neviim had - in a dreams or visions.

(The Malbim says, for instance, that Ezekiel only made it over that threshold occasionally.) Don't ask me exactly what the "threshold" is.

The standard answer, that of Rambam, is that the exact level of Daniel's visions were always "Divine inspiration", but never quite over the threshold of "prophecy", though he must have been pretty close to the line.

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