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This content may be reproduced in portion (not in full without permission), in accordance with U. Copyright ‘Fair Use’ doctrine, with full attribution to Modern Survival Blog and a link to it’s source page on https://Modern Survival You are free to print or save our content for your personal reference, not for distribution or profit.Welcome to The All About Psychology Book of The Month page.The primary targets will likely be military installations, while a secondary wave will broaden in scope.A third wave would likely involve strategic bombers mopping up what’s left.Out of curiosity I searched for maps that would reveal nuclear targets in the United States, and I’ve posted them here for your interest.The nuclear targets map shown above is one that I put together based on a number of factors while looking at other maps and data including military installations, nuclear weapons storage and silo locations, bases, cities, etc..Some believe that a nuclear first strike will ‘first’ involve a salvo of EMP detonations at high altitude (potentially via orbiting satellites, or launched from submarines or even off-shore freighters).This will likely take down the power grid, followed by a first wave of nuclear strike.

They vary with regards to nuclear proliferation and opinion of the day during the time they were published years ago.

Dakota, WY/NE/CO represent known ICBM silos and nuke storage.

Also, it may seem like there are more ‘red dots’ on the map than any probable nuclear attack, but believe it or not, there could potentially be more – given the many thousands of nuclear weapons in Russia (for example).

No doubt I’ve missed a number of them, as well as other probable strategic locations, but it’s simply food-for-thought.

The large target ‘blob’ areas shown within the apparent sparsely populated regions of Montana, N.

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