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"Then open your legs, slut," I said calmly, "and let me cover you in my lotion." Martina spread her legs further apart and reached down between them, pulling her labia wide open for me. She let it happen, and only moaned slightly when Martina ran her fingers between Bianca's legs, caressing her little pussy as she continued nibbling my tits."Oh yes, mistress," she whispered, "bathe your slave Martina in your hot pussy spring." I smiled and grasped for my water bottle, drinking it thirstily as I pushed my hips down towards hers, shooting a thick spray of piss into her pussy, then all across her pelvis and belly, up to her tits. I just come here to swim and try to stay out of the way," she smiled. Finally, Martina helped her out of her bra as well."Well, you got me all over you." She moaned, beaming for lust again. "Anything you can give me, I want you on me, over me, in me, using me, filling me, soaking me, making me yours. "Oh god, yes, goddess, use me as you please," she moaned. After a while, Bianca became more confident and leaned down, taking my nipple into her mouth and sucking it in gently.I leaned backwards, spreading my legs opposite of hers. I moaned, watching Martina pull down her pants from of the corner of my eyes.

I began stripping off my clothes and swimsuit, applying plenty of sun block along with it.

The next day, when we were going out to the beach, Giulia was again tending the reception desk. Martina was wearing a Bikini that looked three sizes too small for her, barely covering her nipples and pelvis, and showing dark pubes all around the sides of her bikini bottom. there is a n-n-n-nudist beach h-h-h-here," she stammered, pointing at another portion of the map. "Thank you," I said, and walked a little to the side, waiting for Martina to finish.

Over that, just to cover it up slightly, she wore a loose blouse that she knotted under her wide breasts, and some really short jean shorts. I found a good vantage point from where I could see what was going on behind the desk.

I smiled, watching her, not getting undressed myself as I didn't want to risk a sunburn.

After about 30 minutes walking, the beach became mainly pebbles, with only a few short strips of sand in between.

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