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Anthony has had many girlfriends in the past, but all of them eventually broke up with him.He is known to practice yoga alongside with this unknown "Hot Girl," mentioned in the episode "My Mom's AMAZING Video! Anthony literally has a crush on Lou Ferrigno, and even wrote a song for him. ", we learn that Anthony will become homeless due to his Celebrehair business (where he follows celebrities to their hair salons, digs through the trash and sells their hair online) failing because of a trend where everyone in Hollywood had their hair permanently removed.Anthony can also be seen as better around children, which is seen when he was talking to his 7-year old cousin Sadie in "7yr Old Does Twilight," unlike Ian. He has two brothers, of which we know one is named Mathew as mentioned in "Anthony's Long Lost Animation." When Anthony was two years old, his parents broke up. Anthony attended Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks, California along with Ian.After graduating, they both attended American River College in Sacramento, California but dropped out after two years.

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He is Ian's best friend and the founder of Smosh Productions.

After showing his new hair for the first time in The End of Christmas (Part 1).

Fans were devastated by the hair change, and in the BTS for The End of Christmas he read fan's Tweets about their devastation.

Anthony mentions that it was extremely embarrassing for him to do the Sexy Anthony photo shoot as he had to dress as a naked cowboy.

Right when they got there, there was a large group of kids on bicycles and parents who drove by right when he dropped his pants. Anthony said that he had no further educational plans and had no idea on what to do with his life until he started to earn money over You Tube.

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