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The female demo, which advertisers want, are tuning out because of boredom. Eileen Davidson looks incredible for having turned 58 this week. He'd probably play Michael sans hairpiece, if they'd let him.

The gay old overweight fraus, who advertisers don't care about, say that Sally is resetting Y&R and to give her time. Mal Young should tell her that viewers today have no patience. But they don't even want him to show the gray on the sides.

British Mal hired Daniel Hall to play Scott, because he thinks Hall will make women swoon like Poldark (Aidan Turner) does.

However, I'm not sure the audience for the BBC and Masterpiece Theatre tune into CBS Daytime. Maybe to help, Wardrobe should dress Scott in breeches and a puffy shirt.

So we are focusing solely on what previously happened with Sheila on B&B.

That’s my universe and the only way I can embrace the character right now. ML: Meaning Eric Forrester never got word about the Sheila-Phyllis switcheroo?

Those two wrinkled old nothings are going in your post are going to drive down traffic. I used to find soap ratings at tv-by-the-numbers (zap2it) but it's been a while since they cared enough to write them up. I sure hope that TPTB don't wonder why ratings are down. Hot pursuit of the villain led to Ye Olde Newman Barn where Max tripped and fell on a pitchfork. And Tessa also mentioned she has a younger sister to Noah.

R9 I imagine Kneel and Chrissy would probably be bumped to recurring or retained on contract with a minimum of episode counts before being let go altogether. I don't think Chrissy's really ready to retire, so he might take anything they'd offer. One might guess this ties into the sex trafficking ring that Le Bug wanted nephew Scott to investigate.

That Y&R story was so…uh…[Long pause]ML: I know, there are no words…BB: …original!

BB: I honestly thought that the days of Sheila Carter were over, especially because of her last [storyline] on Y&R.

ML: You mean, when Sheila had plastic surgery so she could look just like…BB: Michelle Stafford.

You bitch about the SAME SHIT every week hoping that something will change. Take anything your read there with a grain of salt. Sheila has already made B&B skyrocket in recognition - will be interesting to see the upcoming ratings.

Stop believing the shit that his 3 frau fans make up. Celebrity Dirty Laundry just makes up shit, often rewording things from bona fide spoiler sites and inserting their own garbage and presenting it as "fact." There have been times when they even cut and paste statements from penned by posters writing on soap opera message boards who have nothing to do with their site and presented it as a spoiler.

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    And when he graduated and passed the bar, no one was surprised when his idealism took him to the Brooklyn district attorney's office. Later that morning, in Baltimore, few were aware that Luna was even missing. Reuland: And one of the reasons why I can't let this case go, I can't stop thinking about it, is not just that it was my friend, but because none of it makes sense.

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    In fact, with the percentage of seniors using dating sites doubling in recent years, Traditionally, it can be hard for senior singles to meet like-minded men and women.

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    Presumably she was heading towards the air ticket scam when she was exposed, at which point she simply said "God Bless You" rather than trying to argue and hung up.

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