Baptist beliefs on interracial dating

University of Montevallo students Chris Mc Rae and Cheyenne Chapman say that they often felt looked down upon when they first started dating two years ago, especially from those who professed strong Christian beliefs.As time has gone by, Mc Rae said, they can see things getting better.

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With a claimed 16 million members, has the distinctions of being the largest Protestant denomination in America and the largest Baptist denomination in the world.

Professing Christians are often the most vocal and judgmental of all about the couple. Passworth responds like this when she finds out they are dating: "It's unnatural...

I'm as much for equal rights as the next person, but race mixing is an abomination against the Lord." In Alabama today, do many people still feel that same way?

While their own families were very accepting of their marriage, Hueytown's Roy and Crystal Moore said that church has been one of the harder places to feel welcomed.

"As an interracial family, we have found it to be a challenge when it came to finding a place of worship," Crystal Moore said.

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