Royal Crown Revue's "Mugzy" is all on the level of the Zipper's "H#ll." (Sorry, Amazon edits out the epithets)I imagine this would make a good remake soundtrack for movies based on Raymond Chandler's novels.

Daraufhin entscheidet der andere, ob er dem Matching zustimmt.

The co-primary clinical endpoints are the changes in Australian-Canadian OA Index (AUSCAN, German version) dimensions for pain and hand disability at week 52.

293; 297, verso.) The adjacent parish of Sonth Stoneham indudes, within its original extent, nearly the whole of the present town of Southampton. Tho value was, in King £dward's time, twelvo pounds. Michei- tijq ftame Abbey holds Miceldevre [Miclieldet)er] ' in (Michel- demesne. Hu GH de Port^s holding is worth nineteen pounds ; Hubert^s, a hundred shillings ; Odo's, fifty shillings; Waleran^S, sixty shillings ; Alsi's, a htmdred shillings ; ^LDRED^S thirty shillings ; and Si WARD^s, twenty shillings.

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